Monthly Archives: June 2012

288 Grand Street Clean-Up a Success!

We did it! Thanks to the people who showed up Sunday morning, 288 Grand Street is now looking pretty spiffy. The Department of Public Works finished off by picking up the garbage, cutting the remainder of the grass and securing the property with fencing and a No Trespassing sign. It was beautiful morning and we […]

Our first clean-up mob: 288 Grand Street

288 Grand Street is one of our Historic District’s most iconic mansions. It is surmised to be originally a¬†Frederick Clarke Withers design. It went on the market about 2 years ago but the city ended up taking possession in February of this year. Since then, nothing has been done to secure or clean up the […]

Welcome to a new day in the City of Newburgh

This idea was spawned by a group of frustrated residents of this city who’ve complained to City Hall and its officials about specific properties and locations all over the city. In early June of this year the Codes Department did a violation “sweep” on Dubois Street. Some applauded the effort believing that our officials will […]