288 Grand Street Clean-Up a Success!

We did it! Thanks to the people who showed up Sunday morning, 288 Grand Street is now looking pretty spiffy. The Department of Public Works finished off by picking up the garbage, cutting the remainder of the grass and securing the property with fencing and a No Trespassing sign. It was beautiful morning and we all had a great time. Even Mayor Kennedy showed up and helped the entire time.

We’re now looking for suggestions for the next Clean-Up Mob. Send to: cleanupmob@gmail.com



  1. It would be difficult to overstate the impact of Andrew Jackson Downing on American life during the middle decades of the nineteenth century. BY 1836, four years after he published (at the age of seventeen) the first of nearly seventy magazine articles on horticulture and rural life, his and his brothers Charles’ Botanical Gardens and Nursery in Newburgh, (where Downing was born and lived all his life) was so well-known for the trees, plant material, and information it dispatched far and wide that Newburgh had become a mecca for traveling garden enthusiasts and was known even to English and French correspondents.

  2. Lots of gratitude from a Newburgh neighbor! Some months ago, at Michael Gabor’s suggestion, I viewed this home and was amazed by the property – and by how much it needed some cleaning just to be appreciated. Kudos to you all!

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